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This website deals with the historical records of the Sydney Benevolent Asylum for the period 1857-1900.

The records of the Asylum can be the answer to many research problems and, with that in mind, between 1995 and 2007, an index of the inmates of the Asylum was compiled from records held at the Sydney Mitchell Library. The resulting database contains over 78,000 records. As far as has been possible, it is a listing of all the inmates of the Asylum between 1857 and 1900.

Please note the time period covered by our database; we do not undertake research or check records outside of this period, nor can we assist with records for other asylums or associated institutions.  See the corresponding page on Other Record for details of where you should go for those records.

We are grateful to The Benevolent Society for permission to prepare this index and to the staff of the Mitchell Library for their co-operation with our project.


We also thank the State Library of NSW for permission to reproduce the image 'Benevolent Asylum' (Government Printing Office, State Library of NSW ref 1-08079) on this website, which was originally set up on our behalf by the late David Watkins.


Heather Garnsey & Martyn Killion




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